Getting Ready for Sunday February 3, 2008

February 3 Sermon “Giving Our Praise” When we think of worship, we often think of singing. That is not an accident; singing to the Lord is encouraged throughout scripture.  Although, singing is not the only way to worship God, it is a very important way to express our love for God. In today’s message, we will explore why your song is so important to God.

Set List for February 3, 2008

Song                        Author                        Recording

There Is No Greater Love

Doug & Cindy Mickan NA
Children of God  Steven Curtis Chapman  This Moment –
Steven Curtis Chapman
All Because of Jesus  Steve Fee  We Will Shine Fee
It’s All About You  Michael Weaver  What I Was Made For –Big Daddy Weave
So High  Barry & Michelle Patterson  Prelude –
Doug & Cindy Mickan
Sing to the King  Billy Foote/Charles Horne  Here I Am to Worship2 –Various Artists
Our Love Is Loud  David Crowder  Can You Hear Us  David Crowder Band

We have done a lot of these songs before.  “Children of God” will be new to you unless you have listened to Steven Curtis Chapman’s latest CD “This Moment”.  “Children of God” is being played a lot on my mp3 player as of late.  You can listen to a clip and purchase the song from someplace like itunes, or even  It’s definitely worth the listen, and a lot of fun.  I’ll take time before services this Sunday to teach parts of it, so be early.

“So High” is one of my favorite worship songs of all time.  It’s one of only two songs that Cindy and I have recorded that we didn’t write.  You can find it on our “Prelude” cd.  The writers are Barry & Michelle Patterson from Florisant, Colorado.  Check out their version of “So High” by clicking the link below.  The link will take you to their CDBaby site.  Scroll down to track #3 and click the little play icon. “So High” Link 

 “All Because of Jesus” is written by Steve Fee, and has become a regular here at Oasis.  What a testimony to say, “I’m alive because I’m alive in You”.  It’s truly all because of Jesus.  What better way to worship Him by proclaiming it to everyone around.  You can listen to Fee’s version of “All Because of Jesus” on his myspace page.  There’s also a video of him leading it live. (pretty cool huh?) 
“All Because of Jesus” Steve Fee Link 

Thanks for taking time to check out what will be happening on Sunday.  Take time to pray for our services, and those who will be serving in them.  I’m really looking forward to worshiping with you on Sunday. 

Bro. Doug


2 Responses to Getting Ready for Sunday February 3, 2008

  1. Mike Belote says:

    Doug, great worship service this week. It was truly moving. I’m very excited about the blog and its possibilities.

  2. Larry Johnson says:

    It just keeps getting better! Doing a great work, Doug.

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