Getting Ready for Sunday February 24


February 24 Sermon “Together But Separate” Relationships are all about coming together with others, but the key to a successful relationship is allowing others to be themselves.  We are together, but two separate creations of God with different personalities and perspectives on life.  In this message, we will discover how to appreciate one another’s differences and how to use those differences to make our relationships stronger.  

Set List for February 24, 2008

Song                        Author                        Recording

We Come Together   

Doug Mickan   “Prelude”                        Doug & Cindy Mickan
There Is No Greater Love   Doug Mickan   NA  
Children of God  Steven Curtis Chapman  “This Moment”            Steven Curtis Chapman
All Over the World   Matt Redman & Martin Smith   “Beautiful News”            Matt Redman 
I’ll Give My All   Doug & Cindy Mickan   “Prelude”                       Doug & Cindy Mickan 

Am I totally conceited or what? As I’m typing the info for this service, it suddenly strikes me that we are using 3 songs that I had a hand in writing.  As Pam Bonham would say, “It’s Doug Sunday”.  Ha!  Sometimes it just seems to fall this way, so I guess I’ll go on even through the awkwardness. 

In all seriousness, this service was a struggle for me.  Sometimes orders of worship come easy, and other times not so much.  I worked and worked on this one, until I finally felt like I had a breakthrough.  You’ve hopefully read the description of the sermon at the top of this blog.  Bro. Todd will be talking about our differences and how we can use those to make our relationships stronger.  There aren’t a lot of songs that came to my mind about such a topic, but then God just seemed to open my eyes.  Bro. Todd will be talking about and celebrating our differences, but why not during the music celebrate the one thing we all have in common on Sunday mornings?  We have all come together to worship our Father, because we are His children.  With that being said, hopefully the order of songs make a little more sense as to how they flow together with everything in this service. 

“We Come Together” was a song that I wrote for a series we did clear back in the days of our first temporary facility here at Oasis.   Although I can’t remember the specific series, it had something to do with coming together to worship.  It will probably have a little different feel on Sunday than it does on our Prelude CD.  You can listen to “We Come Together” on our Soundclick page by clicking the link in the chart above. 

We introduced “Children of God” a couple of weeks ago.  What a song of celebration written by Steven Curtis Chapman (my all time favorite Christian artist).  You can check out “Children of God” on Steven’s myspace page by clicking the link in the chart above.  It is the last song in his myspace player. 

We have sung “All Over the World” several times before, but it has been a while.  I don’t believe we have ever done the second verse of the song, and as I was reading through it a week or so ago, it really spoke to me.  It also goes perfect with our topic today.  Take a look at the lyrics to the second verse below:  

Young and old near and far there’s a place for every heart
To join in the song, join in the song
Every nation tribe and tongue come together join as one
Give glory to God, Glory to God
We are the people of God.We’ll
sing Your song here on the earth 

I couldn’t find a place for you to listen to the entire song online.  You can check out the rest of the lyrics by clicking here.  You can listen to the chorus of the song by clicking the link in the chart above. 

“I’ll Give My All” is a song we have done many times before here at Oasis.  God created us all to be different.  I’m only supposed to be Doug, not anyone else.  At every training meeting for Worship Team I always quote one of our former members who has gone on to serve at another church.  “At Oasis I don’t have to be the best, I just have to be my best”.  You know, I think that’s what God wants from all of us; to simply be our best.  He created me to be Doug, and he created you to be you.  God made me different from everyone else for a reason, and I simply want to give my all (no matter how different it is) to the one that created me. 

Thanks for taking time to check out what will be happening on Sunday.  Take time to pray for our services, and those who will be serving in them.  As we celebrate our differences this week, lets really worship the one who brings us together.   See you Sunday! 

Bro. Doug


2 Responses to Getting Ready for Sunday February 24

  1. Jessica Belote says:

    Thanks, Doug! You’re doing such a great job with this.

  2. Pam Bonham says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, Doug! 😉 I’m loving the blog & the set lists – keep up the good work!

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