Getting Ready for Sunday, March 2, 2008

relationships-101-logo.jpg March 2 Sermon “Don’t Cross This Line”

In every relationship, there must be boundaries or there will be constant conflict. Each of us has the responsibility of communicating to other where the lines are drawn in our relationship.  In this message, we discover how to establish the boundaries without destroying the relationship

Set List for March 2, 2008   

Song                              Author                        Recording

Friend of God  Michael Gungor                Israel Houghton “Live From Another Level” Israel Houghton &            New Breed 
Forever   Chris Tomlin   “The Noise We Make” Chris Tomlin 
Step By Step  Rich Mullins                      David Strasser “Songs”                           Rich Mullins
Be Glorified   Chris TomlinJesse ReevesLouie Giglio “The Noise We Make” Chris Tomlin 
Lord Be Glorified   Bob Kilpatrick   “Face to Face”                Bob Kilpatrick 
Consume Me   Doug & Cindy Mickan   “Prelude”                        Doug & Cindy Mickan 

 I really struggled with this order of worship for over a week.  Finally one day last week, it just seemed to come together.  We’re opening up this week with two songs simply praising God and celebrating our relationship with Him.

We introduced “Friend of God” a couple of weeks ago, so hopefully you are a little familiar with it.  You can listen to the song on Israel Houghton’s myspace page by clicking the link in the chart above.“Forever” is a song that we are pretty familiar with at Oasis.  What a message to proclaim, that God is faithful forever.  “Forever” is such an encouragement to me every time I sing it.  Take time this week to check out Psalm 136 and celebrate how history has proven God’s faithfulness.  You can also listen to “Forever” by clicking the link in the chart above.After the first two songs we really start dealing with our desire to glorify God with our lives.  “Step By Step” (Actual Title “Sometimes By Step”) is a song that we have done a lot in the past at Oasis.  God moves us along a step at a time, and the only way we will know how to follow is to seek Him every day.  I found a video on youtube that you can check out by clicking the link in the chart above.  The recording you will hear is by Rich Mullins, and features the verses that are rarely heard or sung.“Be Glorified” is also another familiar song to those who have been attending Oasis for a while.  I found another video on youtube with a recording of I believe Matt Redman’s version of the song.  (Let me point out that I direct you to youtube a lot, not because of the videos, but because you can listen to the entire song.  Some of the videos are pretty cool, but some of them are not so much.)  It should be our prayer that God would be glorified through our life.  God has done so many amazing things for all of us.  Let’s sing this one loud as we state our mission as a Christ follower.“Lord Be Glorified” follows the same message as “Be Glorified” but is more quiet and reflective.  I feel like “Be Glorified” is our statement that we make together, testifying to others about our goal to glorify Christ.  “Lord Be Glorified” is more personal, and leads us to a time of personal prayer.  I couldn’t find a recording of “Lord Be Glorified”, but there is a really cool story behind the song.  You can check it out by clicking the link in the chart above.

We’ll finish up with “Consume Me”.  Cindy and I wrote this song while we were still traveling with Bro. Todd.  We had just attended a conference in St. Louis where we heard Bailey Smith preach about lukewarm Christianity.  (Revelation 3:15-16, Hebrews 12:29)  The question was asked, “If we say our God is a consuming fire, and we are consumed by Him, then how can we be lukewarm?”.  The answer of course is that we are not consumed by Christ, because if we where, we would truly be on fire for Him.  After the conference, we traveled to TX to start a revival.  While staying at a bed and breakfast that just so happened to have a piano, the melody and words to “Consume Me” came out.  My favorite line in the song is “Refine me, remind me that I am Yours and not my own”.  I often have to remind myself that I am not my own, but His.  When we are truly consumed by Christ, our relationships are what they are supposed to be.  When Christ consumes us, we can’t help but worship, and our lives bring Him glory.

Thanks for taking time to check out what will be happening on Sunday.  Take time to pray for our services, and those who will be serving in them.  Make it a point to glorify God this week by not just what you say, but what you do.   See you Sunday!

Bro. Doug


One Response to Getting Ready for Sunday, March 2, 2008

  1. Cindy Montgomery says:

    Thank you for choosing to include “Consume Me” in this weeks worship. I have been singing that song for a couple of weeks now. The words you wrote are so inspiring. Especially the beginning. “I’m tired, I’m weak, Lord I need you to speak…” It just reminds me how I can get so consumed with everything else, and it just wears me out. When I get consumed in Christ, I am refreshed and renewed. I look so forward to Cindy singing it this Sunday.

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