Getting Ready for Sunday, March 9, 2007


March 9 Sermon “The Little Beast”  Words are powerful. God said in the Book of James that the tongue is small, but it can be a beast. In this message, we will discover how to make our tongue a friend in our relationships instead of our enemy.

     Hey everyone!  There will not be any song info this week for worship services on March 9th.  I will be out of town on Sunday as we will be attending a wedding in Missouri the night before.  I’ll try not to shed a tear as I watch my little girl walk down the aisle………as a junior bride of course.  I’m excited to let you know that Dustin Dennie will lead worship at the Maumelle Campus, and John & Christina Anderson will lead worship at the Conway Campus this week.  It’s such a blessing to have people from our own worship team that can step up and lead out in worship.  In fact after Dustin, John, & Christina lead worship on the 9th, you’ll probably be trying to send me out of town more often.  Be sure to pray for all the worship team members that will be serving on Sunday morning. 

     Thanks for checking in to see how you can better prepare yourself for worship on Sunday.  Check back again next week for information to help you prepare for March 16th. 



One Response to Getting Ready for Sunday, March 9, 2007

  1. I hope you guys have a great time in MO! We’ll miss your whole family around church on Sunday. I wish so bad I could be there to be taking some pictures of your gorgeous daughter as she does walk down that isle!!! I know she will be precious! Cindy, snap some good shots to bring back and share

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