Feedback from Concert of Praise

I just wanted to give everyone an opportunity to leave feedback for “Concert of Praise”.  I think we had a really great night, and would love to hear about some of your experiences throughout the Concert.  Be sure to check out the blog for Sunday, May 4th as well.  Thanks


5 Responses to Feedback from Concert of Praise

  1. Jessica Belote says:

    The concert was AMAZING! What a wonderful opportunity to praise God together. Mike and I were talking later about what an awesome reminder it was of how much God loves each of us and of the blessings that He has given us.

    I loved what Todd said about the assurance we have that God is directing our paths. I can’t imagine living life without that knowledge. Knowing that God hand-selected my husband, children, job, church, EVERYTHING just for me is so overwhelming. We are so blessed to have His hand in our lives.

    Doug, thank you so much for all of the hard work you did to put this together. I know you sacrificed a lot of personal time to get it all ready. You are such a blessing to our church!

  2. Alisha Herring says:

    I thought it was great to be sitting up on stage and watching our Oasis Church family worship together. Thanks for being so responsive and free to worship. God is doing some wonderful things at Oasis! Thank you God!

  3. Paige Brumley says:

    It was such an amazing night. God’s presence was definitely there with us. It was so awesome to just stand there knowing that our God was receiving ultimate glory and praise. It’s funny because that night has led to several moments of praise this week that I would’ve never thought about otherwise. I was sitting at a stoplight yesterday and noticed the breeze in the tall grass and I realized that it was my God’s hand moving across His creation. Just like Christina said we sometimes forget about the everyday things and forget the fact that our God is with us everyday in every moment. How amazing!

    My Dad was with us that night and he mentioned that he had never seen that many people worship so freely and that it was inspiring to him. He’s never seen that in his church. He thought we had a talented group of musicians and singers too!

    Thanks Doug and the rest of your group for bringing us to His throne to worship!

  4. Cindy Montgomery says:

    I just loved being a part of something so wonderful. My Grandma and my In-laws joined us for the occasion. They all commented on how wonderful it was to be where young people were worshiping and enjoying God’s presence. My mother-in-law said that everytime she visits our church she is reassured that it is exactly where Tye and I should be. Thank you, Doug for your leadership, vision, and talent! In my family alone there was representation of ages 2-80, and each person left feeling blessed! Wow!

  5. Gladys Goodson says:

    It was the very first time we had been at a concert at Oasis since joinging. I look forward to many more. It was so wonderful, you could literally feel the presence of our wonderful Savior being right there enjoying his children singing praises to him. It was just wonderful from all the singers to the lighting and technical personnel. A blessing was received I believe from everyone there.

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