Getting Ready for Sunday May 18th, 2008

 May 18th Sermon “Can You Lose Your Salvation?”

There are many today who believe that a person who has been saved can actually lose their salvation. Will God end our relationship if we make a wrong choice? How we answer that question really impacts our view of God and our relationship with God. Today, we will explore the promise in John 3:16 say, “Everyone who believes will not perish”. 

Set List for May 18, 2008

Song                              Author                        Recording

Mighty to Save

Rueben Morgan

“Mighty to Save”

Hillsong United


Salvation Is Here


Joel Houston

“Look To You“

Hillsong United


All Because of Jesus



Steve Fee



“We Shine”



You Never Let Go


Matt Redman


“Beautiful News”

Matt Redman


     This week’s sermon deals with the security that we have in the salvation that God has provided.  My God is Mighty to save, but He is also mighty enough to hold us all in the palm of His hand, and never let go.  There is never a time that He will end our relationship because of something I do.   There is absolutely nothing that can separate me from the love God has for me.  Let’s celebrate this week in the fact that our salvation through Christ is always secure.

     We will begin our music this week with the chorus of “Mighty to Save”.  This is just a reminder that our God is mighty enough to save anyone.  Take a listen to this song by clicking the link in the chart above.

     In the song “Salvation Is Here”, we make the statement: “I don’t care what the world throws at me now, I’m gonna be alright!”  If you are a Child of God, it doesn’t matter what we face in this life, because we know that God is in control.  This is the second week in a row that we will be singing this song, and it’s because of the faith that it takes to truly mean what the lyrics say.  I know my God saved the day, and I know His word never fails, and I know my God made a way for me”  It’s one thing to sing that we know, but it’s another thing to live it.  Do you live your life in a way that tells the world that you know without a doubt that God is in control?  Take time to listen to “Salvation Is Here” by clicking the link in the chart above.

     When choosing songs for worship, I really struggle with the question, “have I overused this song?”.  We have really been singing “All Because of Jesus” a lot over the past few months, but it has really become one of my favorites.  Hopefully you’re not sick of it yet.  Once again this song carries on with our theme of faith in Christ’s sacrifice for our sins.  I know that I am alive only because of what Christ did on the cross for me.  I know you could sing this one without any lyrics on the screen by now, so let’s sing it out!!!  Take a listen to “All Because of Jesus” by clicking the link in the chart above.

     A couple of weeks ago we went to Toad Suck Dayz in Conway (anyone who is not from Arkansas is probably cracking up right now)  Saigel decided that she wanted to ride a pony, so we handed over the 4 Toad Bucks that it cost to ride.  She was all excited until I got ready to put her on the pony, and all of a sudden she clamped down on me and started saying “no no no!”.  I; being very sensitive to the situation, proceeded to put her on the horse. (come on this thing cost 4 toad bucks!)   The horses started and I walked beside with two little arms tightly wrapped around my neck.  I kept repeating, “It’s ok, I’m not going to let go” over and over again.  After several trips around the small corral Saigel began to loosen her grip.  The last couple of times around the circle she actually let go of me completely and was holding the saddle saying “giddy up horsey”.

  It took a while, but after being re-assured time and time again that I wouldn’t let go, she was able to finally trust that she was safe.  I was reminded of this story when I was planning this order of worship.  The song “You Never Let Go” sums up our entire theme for the day.  Just like Saigel eventually trusted in me, I know that I can trust that my God will never let go of me.  Take time to listen to this song by clicking the link in the chart above, and thank God that He holds us all safely in the palm of His hand.

     Thanks for taking time to check out what will be happening on Sunday.  I really look forward to worshiping with you on Sunday.   


Bro. Doug


One Response to Getting Ready for Sunday May 18th, 2008

  1. Jessica Belote says:

    Love the story about Saigel! Isn’t that just like us! God provides these wonderful opportunities for us, and we can’t enjoy them because we’re trying to hang onto our safely nets!

    Thanks for all you do, Doug!

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