Getting Ready for Sunday July 27th


July 27th Sermon “RECOVER Your Joy”

Many of us have lost the joy in our relationship with God.  One of the main reasons for this is we come to God with a consumer mindset.  We approach Him expecting Him to do all of the giving and us to do all of the receiving.  However, in this sermon, we’ll discover that we can recover our joy when we learn how to respond in worship.  That is how we can give back to God as we are worshipping Him.  Responding to God in worship begins in our mind and is expressed in a variety of ways.


Set List for July 27, 2008

Song                              Author                        Recording


The Least I Can Do



Mark Roach


“Every Reason Why”

Mark Roach


Speak to My Heart


Doug & Cindy Mickan





Song of Praise



Doug & Cindy Mickan



Doug & Cindy Mickan



Worthy of My Praise


David Ruis


“Let the Winds Blow”

David Ruis


Agnus Dei



Michael W. Smith



Third Day


Salvation Is Here



Joel Houston


“Look To You”

Hillsong United




   I have to be quick as I’m leaving for a church camp in Texas shortly.  This week Bro. Todd will continue our “Think Green” series as he talks about RECOVERING Your Joy.  It seems like this world is full of Joy zappers.  Every time we get a glimpse, there is something the devil points out to get in our way.  As Christians, we can have joy even in the most difficult times.  This week’s music deals a lot with our worship to God, and the joy it brings to our hearts when we fulfill that purpose.

     “The Least I Can Do”  talks about all the things that Christ has done for us, and points out that the least we could do is worship Him.  Take a listen to this song by clicking the link in the chart above.

     “Speak To My Heart” is a prayer asking God to do simply that.  When God speaks, we can truly experience His joy.  Take a listen to this song by clicking the link above.

     “Song of Praise” comes straight from Psalm 63:1-5.  This joyful song celebrates the fact that we have seen and heard from God, and the response that it causes in our outward worship.  Take a listen to this song by clicking the link in the chart above.

     Our God truly is “Worthy of My Praise”.  This song is yet another song of worship stating our goal to praise God simply because He deserves it.

     We’ll finish the services this week with “Agnus Dei” by Michael W. Smith.  Be sure to listen to this one by clicking the link in the chart above, and be ready to sing out as we proclaim God’s holiness.  We’ll then make the walls shake as we shout out the song “Salvation Is Here”, celebrating the fact that Christ is our salvation, and He is living in us.

     Take time this week to ask God to restore your joy and make it like it’s brand new.  I look forward to worshiping with you on Sunday.   


Bro. Doug


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