Getting Ready for Sunday, August 10th


August 10th Sermon “The Power of One Prayer”

Can one prayer really make a difference?  Is there a certain amount of times we have to pray to be heard?  As we look at the life of Nehemiah, we’ll see the power of one prayer.  Together, we will learn that God hears the cry of our heart as we open up to Him.  In this message, discover the power of prayer made simple.


Set List for August 10, 2008

Song                              Author                        Recording


The Highest and the Greatest



Nick Herbert
Tim Hughes


“Holding Nothing Back”

Tim Hughes




Laura Story




Chris Tomlin


To God Be the Glory



F.J. Crosby
Mike Begbie


Traditional Hymn



Song of Praise


Doug & Cindy Mickan



Doug & Cindy Mickan


Mighty to Save



Ben Fielding
Reuben Morgan


“Mighty to Save”



All Because of Jesus



Steve Fee


“We Shine”





We begin a new series this week entitled “The Power of One”.  This week John Herring will be speaking about the Power of One Prayer.  There truly is power in our prayer, and that is because of the power of our Great God.  This week our music focuses on our Mighty God and the power that He has.

     We begin strongly this week with the song “The Highest and the Greatest” which proclaims just that.  Our God is the Highest and the Greatest.  He is the Lord of all.  We continue our theme with the song “Indescribable”.  I know that this is a familiar song to us, but take time to read through the lyrics this week and incorporate them into your personal time of worship.  You can read through the lyrics by clicking this link.


     “To God Be the Glory” is a statement of what our goal is, and tha tis to praise the Lord.  He truly has done great things in our lives, and for that He deserves all glory, and praise.  “Song of Praise” comes directly from Psalm 63 which is a testament of God’s greatness, and our response to Him during worship.  We then finish the music portion of our services with “Mighty to Save” which once again proclaims the power and greatness of our God.  There truly is no one beyond His reach.  Take time to listen to all of the songs for this week by clicking the links in the chart above.

     Thanks for checking out our blog.  I hope that this blog is a tool for you to better prepare yourself for our corporate times of worship on Sunday.  I look forward to worshiping with you Sunday.


Bro. Doug


3 Responses to Getting Ready for Sunday, August 10th

  1. Tyler says:

    Love Highest and Greatest. Good choice!

  2. Paige Brumley says:

    Hey Doug! The worship was awesome Sunday! Thank you so much for getting us pumped up! Yet again John brought home the point in such an amazing way. Totally made me think about the things I know but don’t always believe. Thank you guys for a wonderful sunday!

  3. Jessica Belote says:

    Doug, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed yesterday’s song service. It was beautiful and worshipful and I could really feel the presence of God in it. Thank you for everything you do!

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