Getting Ready for Sunday, September 28th


September 28th Sermon “When God Says Go”

There comes a time in our prayer life when God is going to say “go”. It is always good to get the answer, but sometimes his answer can really challenge our faith. In today’s message, we will discover how we should respond when God says “go”. 


Set List for September 28, 2008

Song                              Author                        Recording


Come Magnify The Lord


Doug Mickan






You’re Worthy of My Praise



David Ruis


“Let the Winds Blow”

David Ruis


Song of Praise



Doug & Cindy Mickan



Doug & Cindy Mickan



Follow On


Robert Lowry
Walter Orcutt Cushing


Traditional Hymn



   This week we will be finishing our series of “Simple Answers”.  This week we look at “When God says Go”  Sometimes when we pray, God says “go for it, it’s time!”  This week we will see how we should respond when we are told to act.

     We begin this week with a song of praise entitled “Come Magnify the Lord”.  This song celebrates the fact that our God is Holy, and He is worthy of the praises that we sing.  You can check out a very rough version of this song on our soundclick page by clicking the link in the chart above.

   We continue our time of worship with “You’re Worthy of My Praise” and “Song of Praise” which state the goodness of our God, and our want to worship Him.  All three of our first songs are a celebration, which is what we often feel when God answers our prayers with a “yes” or “go”.  Check out these songs by clicking the link in the chart above.

    We finish the music portion of our service with the chorus of an old hymn entitled “Follow On”.  It’s very simple and states “follow, follow I would follow Jesus anywhere everywhere I would follow on.  Everywhere He leads me I will follow on  It’s a simple chorus, but the meaning is one that we should take seriously.  Would I truly follow Jesus ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE?  Pretty big words to just sing without even thinking.  Examine your heart this week, and see if that is truly your intention.

     Thanks for taking time to see what is going on this Sunday at Oasis.  Community group Sunday Night was truly awesome, and I’m looking forward to Wednesday as well.  I look forward to worshiping with everyone on Sunday.


Bro. Doug


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