Getting Ready for Sunday, October 5th

October 5th Sermon “Living With Money”

How do we live with money without loving it? It is true that we must have money to live in this present world.  It is necessary, and by itself there is nothing wrong or evil about money.  But many move to a level of loving their money over everything else.  This is when we begin to put our faith in our money and not God; it’s when we trust our own abilities to earn before we trust God.  This is when we become materialistic.  To define this, materialism is not the possession of material things but the obsession with them.  So in your life, is money to live or to love?

Set List for October 5, 2008

Song                              Author                        Recording


Love the Lord Your God


Lincoln Brewster


“All To You”

Lincoln Brewster



Everything to Me



Doug & Cindy Mickan




Sing Sing Sing


Chris Tomlin
Daniel Carson
Jesse Reeves
Matt Gilder
Travis Nunn


“Hello Love”

Chris Tomlin



Jesus Is All the World to Me


Will Lamartine Thompson


Traditional Hymn




Song of Praise



Doug & Cindy Mickan



Doug & Cindy Mickan



Our Love Is Loud


David Crowder


“Can You Hear Us”

David Crowder Band





This week we begin our new series “Common Cents”.  Our first message of this series is entitled “Living With Money” in which Bro. Todd will be talking about how to live with money without letting it control our lives.  Our music this week focuses on loving God and putting Him first.  I know personally that when God is in first place, everything else falls into it’s rightful place.  It’s only when I put something else into God’s place that everything starts to go crazy.

     We begin our service this week with the song “Love the Lord” by Lincoln Brewster.  This song pretty much sums up the entire theme for the day.  We need to love our God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength.  It starts out with a general statement of “love the Lord your God”, but quickly becomes personal when we say “I will love the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.  Take time this week to listen to this song by clicking the link in the chart above.

    “Everything To Me” continues our theme of putting God first.  I have to remind myself everyday that Christ should be my everything.  So often we fall into the trap of “I need this” or “I need that”.  We are told in the scriptures that God will provide all of our needs without us even having to worry about it.  If I can remember that, my life would be so much less stressful.  Take a listen to a very rough version of this song by clicking the link in the chart above.

     “Sing Sing Sing” will be a new song for Oasis.  It’s a relatively new song from Chris Tomlin who writes a lot of songs that we sing at Oasis.  The only version I could find online is a live version that is a little different than the way we will do it, but it will give you the general idea of the song.  I really like this song a lot, and hope that we will lift our voices together as we SING SING SING!

     “Jesus Is All the World to Me” is a traditional hymn that is one of my favorites.  This song continues our theme.  I love the first line “Jesus is all the world to me.  My life, my joy, my all”.  Our God is not only Master, and creator, but He’s also our friend. 

     We will finish up the music portion of the service with “Song of Praise” which continues our time of worship.  We just sang this song last week, so hopefully it’s still fresh in everyone’s mind.  You can listen to the song by clicking the link in the chart above.

     OK, so I said that was the last song, but we will actually finish the entire service with “Our Love Is Loud”.  This is a very familiar song to us here at Oasis, so I’m really expecting us to shout it out.  You can listen to this song by clicking the link in the chart above.

     Thanks for taking time to see what is going on this Sunday at Oasis.  Be sure to take time to attend Community Group this week if you have not already.  I’m really looking forward to worshipping with you all on Sunday.


Bro. Doug


One Response to Getting Ready for Sunday, October 5th

  1. Cindy Montgomery says:

    I love the line up of songs this week. It is so fun to learn new songs. Doug, I love how you incorporate new songs, traditional hymns and some of my favorite praise songs. On the praise team we get a unique view of the congregation worshiping. It is so wonderful to see so many people worshiping so freely. It is truly a blessing to me. I look forward to praising with you on Sunday!!

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