Getting Ready for Sunday, October 12th

October 12th Sermon “Living With Excess”

The purpose of saving money is to set it aside for the future.  But what exactly are we saving for?  Many save for college education, vacations, remodeling projects, or retirement.  Meanwhile others save out of greed and fear.  Today discover how to quit saving without plan, but for a purpose.


Set List for October 12, 2008

Song                              Author                        Recording


Exalted Forever


Michael Weaver


“One And Only”

Big Daddy Weave






Chris Tomlin


“The Noise We Make”

Chris Tomlin


All Because of Jesus



Steve Fee


“We Shine”






Chris Tomlin

Jesse Reeves


“Not To Us”

Chris Tomlin



Blessed Be Your Name



Matt & Beth Redman


“Where Angels Fear To Tread”

Matt Redman




This week we will be learning how to live with excess.  Most of us would probably say that we don’t have any excess, but if you really think about the many blessings God has given, it would be hard to deny that we have more than we need.  Our music today will focus on thanking God for the blessings he has given, and celebrating his faithfulness in providing for our needs.

     We begin this week with “Exalted Forever” which is a song we have done before at Oasis.  This happens to be one of the few songs that I can’t find a clip of anywhere on the internet.  It comes from Psalm 92, so check out verses 1-8 if you get a chance.  I have attached a link to the lyrics of the song.  This is a song of celebration, and states that we want to sing the praises of our God forever.  

     “Forever” continues our theme of celebration.  This song is a celebration of our God’s faithfulness, and the fact that He will never change.  You can listen to this song by clicking the link in the chart above.

     “All Because of Jesus” is a song that I think really sums up our testimony as a Christian.  If not for Christ, our life would not even be worth living.  Let’s celebrate together as we proclaim this loudly on Sunday.  Take a listen to the song by clicking the link in the chart above.

    The song “Everything” really puts things into perspective for me.  Everything that we have comes from our Father in Heaven.  It all belongs to Him, so therefore what I consider to be MY excess, is not really mine to begin with.  Check out this song by clicking the link in the chart above.

     We finish up the music portion of the service with “Blessed Be Your Name” which is a song of worship stating our intent to worship God whether it is a good time or bad time in our life.  We tend to cry out to God and ask for His help when we are in need.  In contrast, when things are going well in our lives, we tend to forget God altogether.  Let this song be a reminder to praise God no matter what life has thrown at us.  Check out the song by clicking the link in the chart above.

Thanks for taking time to see what is going on this Sunday at Oasis.  We had a great time at our Large Group fellowship last night.  If you where not able to attend Sunday night’s group, take time to gather with other members on Wednesday night for a time of fellowship.  The food and fellowship was great, but it was also really cool to be able to hear the stories of the Guatemala Mission trip on video.  A special thanks to Kevin Robinson for all the editing work he put into these videos. They really turned out great.  See you on Sunday!


Bro. Doug


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