Getting Ready for Sunday, October 26th

October 26th  Sermon “Living To Bless”

No matter where we are financially, if we honestly looked at our budgets and lifestyle, we could do more in our giving to God and others.  In this message we will realize that it’s not the amount that is important to God, but it’s our faithfulness to give what He asks. 


Set List for October 26, 2008

Song                              Author                        Recording


Song of Praise


Doug & Cindy Mickan



Doug & Cindy Mickan



Salvation Is Here



Joel Houston



“Look To You”

Hillsong United


Happy Day



Tim Hughes

Ben Cantelon


“Holding Nothing Back”

Tim Hughes


Rescue the Perishing



Fanny Jane Crosby
William Howard Doane



Traditional Hymn



I’ll Give My All



Doug & Cindy Mickan



Doug & Cindy Mickan



     I’m having computer problems today, so I’ll be brief.  We finish up our series “Common Cents” this week.  I truly believe that if we put into practice what we have learned through this series, we would truly start to see a revival in our lives, and in our church.  In reality, this series has not been about money so much as it has been about our relationship to God.  I know I have sore toes.  OUCH!

    This week our message is about “Living To Bless”.  Our music today begins with a theme of worship and praise to our God who has blessed us in so many ways.  We finish up with songs that deal with what we plan to do to worship our Savior.  Take time to listen to the songs by clicking the links in the chart above.  I really look forward to worshiping with you all this Sunday.



Bro. Doug


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