Getting Ready for Sunday November 2nd

November 2nd Sermon “Anger Management”


One of the biggest emotions in our lives that steal our joy is anger.  It not only affects us emotionally, but many times it affects our health as well.  How do we overcome anger and forget the offenses of those that have wronged us?  In this message, we’ll discover some simple truths about anger and how to deal with it in our lives.

Set List for November 2, 2008

Song                              Author                        Recording


Revive Us Again


John Jenkins Husband
William Paton MacKay


Traditional Hymn



Jesus Messiah



Chris Tomlin
Daniel Carson
Ed Cash
Jesse Reeves



“Hello Love”

Chris Tomlin


There Is None Like You



Lenny LeBlanc


“Celebrate Jesus”

Alleluia Music


Everlasting God



Brenton Brown

Ken Riley



Traditional Hymn



All Because of Jesus



Steve Fee


“We Shine”



Change My Heart Oh God



Eddie Espinosa


“The Best Loved Worship & Praise”





     This Sunday we begin a new series entitled “Getting Well”.  I have to admit that as I look ahead into this series, It’s definitely for me.  I think if we where all really honest, we all at times deal with the issues that we will be covering in this series.  This Sunday’s message is about anger.  Our music focuses around simply worshiping God for who He is.  Our God is able to help us overcome any issue we face.  Let’s worship Him together as we sing songs of praise.

    We begin with “Revive Us Again” which actually sets the tone for the day.  I believe all of us could use a revival, and I’m not talking about a series of services through the week.  Can you make this song your prayer this week?  That God would revive you, and help you to serve Him better?  You can check out the lyrics by clicking the song in the chart above.

    “Jesus Messiah” is a new song that you have probably heard playing on the radio lately.  It’s an awesome song of worship that simply proclaims who Jesus is.  Check out a video of this song by clicking the link in the chart above.

    “There Is None Like You” is a simple song that continues our theme of worship.  We just finished singing about our God being Lord of All, and now we are stating the fact that there is no one like our God.  From there we go on to the song “Everlasting God” which once again continues the theme of worshiping God for who He is.  You can check these songs out by clicking the links in the chart above.

    “All Because of Jesus” is a very familiar song to us here at Oasis.  This song proclaims that our lives are only what they are because of Jesus.  To Him be all the glory, and honor, and praise, because without Him we are nothing.  Check out this song by clicking the link in the chart above.

     “We finish up with a song that we often use during invitation, “Change My Heart Oh God”.  Through this song we are simply asking God to make us more like Him.  It’s a song of surrender as we sing, “You are the potter and I am the clay. Mold me and make me”.  This song finishes pretty much the way we started; our need for revival.  Please be in prayer with me as we seek to honor our God the best way we can.  Thanks for taking time to get better prepared to worship together on Sunday.



Bro. Doug


2 Responses to Getting Ready for Sunday November 2nd

  1. paiged1 says:

    awesome service this past sunday! Lights out and everything. It was awesome!

  2. dmickan says:

    Thanks for the encouragement Paige. I appreciate the fact that you often leave comments on our blog to encourage. Thanks.

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