Getting Ready for Sunday, November 9th

November 9th Sermon “The Symptoms of Bitterness”

We all can think of a person or a situation and feel it swelling up within us.  It’s an emotion that has been buried for too long.  It leaves us with a sour feeling in our stomach and an uneasiness sin our lives.  How do we overcome bitterness in our lives and learn to forgive others?  We’ll learn just that in this message.


Set List for November 9, 2008

Song                              Author                        Recording




Todd Fields



Todd Fields



Be Glorified


Chris Tomlin
Jesse Reeves
Lawrence Tuttiett
Louie Giglio
Matt Redman


“The Noise We Make”

Chris Tomlin






Joel Houston


“For This Cause”





     We are continuing our series “Getting Well” this week with a message about Bitterness, or forgiving others.  Our music this week comes at the close of the services, and is being used to celebrate the fact that God can free us from the things we struggle with.  We will also be proclaiming that we want to glorify God with the lives He has given.  Click the links in the chart above to listen to the songs I could find examples for online.

     Take time this week to really seek God as you prepare your heart for a time of worship together on Sunday.  See you then!


Bro. Doug


2 Responses to Getting Ready for Sunday, November 9th

  1. Alisha Herring says:

    Awesome service Doug! I got to sit in on first service this week…Great atmosphere and worship! Thanks for singing one of my favorite songs right now…Jesus Mesiah. It was great hearing everybody sing all those names of God.

  2. Cindy Montgomery says:

    I also thought Sunday was just awesome. I love the song – Jesus Messiah!! It was absolutely awesome to see some of our congregation standing with arms outreached to God. I was able to be in both services, so I got a double dose of praise, worship, and the wonderful message Todd delivered from God.

    Thank you to all of the staff for focusing on God and leading us to Him!!!

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