Getting Ready for Sunday November 16th

getting-well-logoNovember 16th Sermon “Recurring Guilt”

This is one of Satan’s biggest tools.  If he can keep us stuck in guilt, we can’t move on in our lives.  He doesn’t want us to think about the fact that God has already forgiven us.  When we realize this, we can take the first steps to forgiving ourselves.  In this message, we will learn how to forgive ourselves.


Set List for November 16, 2008

Song                Author            Recording


Grace Greater Than Our Sins


Todd Fields


Traditional Hymn




Your Grace Is Enough



Matt Maher



Chris Tomlin






Todd Fields



Todd Fields



Break Through



Tommy Walker


“Hiding Place”

Don Moen



Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)



Chris Tomlin
Edwin Othello Excell
John Newton
John P. Rees
Louie Giglio



Chris Tomlin




     What an awesome series this has been so far.  This week we will be talking about Recurring Guilt.  So often we allow ourselves to be stuck in guilt, but our God has forgiven us.  We simply need to turn it over to Him.  Our music today deals with God’s grace, and the fact that it is greater than the sins we commit.   Be sure to check out the songs by clicking the links in the chart above.  Definitely take a listen to “Grace Greater Than Our Sins”.  The video is an original arrangement that caught my attention this week.  It’s not exactly the way we will be singing it, but it’s so good, I wanted others to enjoy it. 

     Thanks for taking time to check out what will be happening here at Oasis on Sunday.  Take time this week to worship privately, and ask God to help you prepare to worship Him publicly as we come together at Oasis on Sunday. 


Bro. Doug


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