Getting Ready for Sunday, November 23

getting-well-logoNovember 23rd Sermon “Accepting What You Cannot Change”

There are things that we simply cannot change in our lives.  We cannot change our past.  We cannot change other people.  We cannot change the fact that time moves on.  Even though we cannot change these things, there are ways we can learn to accept them and live with them in our lives.  In today’s message, discover how you can accept what you cannot change.


Set List for November 23, 2008

Song                 Author          Recording


There Is No Greater Love


Doug Mickan






Sing Sing Sing


Chris Tomlin
Daniel Carson
Jesse Reeves
Matt Gilder
Travis Nunn


“Hello Love”

Chris Tomlin



Everything To Me



Doug & Cindy Mickan





He is Able



Greg Ferguson
Rory Noland


“Wow Worship Orange”

Various artist






Wayne Watson



Wayne Watson



Mighty to Save



Ben Fielding
Reuben Morgan


“Mighty to Save”





      We are finishing up our series “Getting Well” this week.  I know God has been speaking to my heart through this series, and has helped me to see some things that need to change in my life.  Our music this week is focused on lifting up our Savior.   All of our songs are a celebration of who our God is, and what He means to us.  Take time to listen to the songs by clicking the links in the chart above.  Let’s really prepare for another great week at Oasis.  Take time to pray this week that God would truly bless us with His presence once again.  See you Sunday!    


Bro. Doug


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