Getting Ready for Sunday, November 30th

    I’m in Missouri right now as we have taken the week off to spend Thanksgiving with our families.  My format this week is a little different.  I thought this was fitting as our services this Sunday will be a little different.  First of all, please remember that we go to one (1) service begining this Sunday.  Service time is 10:30a.m.  This week we begin a new series entitled “The Believer’s Journey”.  Our sermon this week talks about our first steps on the journey.  The kids will be joining us this Sunday for a special family worship service.  The kids will open us up with a song entitled “The Great Adventure” which I think is perfect to kick off our new series and study.  Our worship music this week is made up of songs that our kids and adults should be familiar with.  We will open up with “Every Move I Make” by David Ruis.  This is a very energetic song of commitment (with actions if you’re brave) that also celebrates the love God has for us.  Check out this fun video by clicking the title above.

     Our next song follows the theme of the day quite well.  It’s called “Trust In the Lord” and is a song that the kids from Children’s worship will be familiar with.  It comes from Proverbs 3:5-6, in fact it’s pretty much a direct quote.  I don’t have a recording of the song I can provide, but I think you will pick it up quickly on Sunday.

     Our final song is one that will be more familiar to our adults than it will be to the kids.  “Marvelous Light” is another song of celebration that speaks to the fact that we are leaving the darkness of sin behind us to follow the marvelous light that our God has to offer. 

    I am really looking forward to this special service as we all come together for a time of worship.  We will also be baptizing this week which is something more for us to celebrate.  Be on the look out for a special guest to appear some time before our time together is finished on Sunday.  Thanks for taking time to check out what is going on this Sunday.  Come ready to lift up our God as we sing, listen, and respond to His word.

Bro. Doug


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