Getting Ready for Sunday, December 21

the-believers-journey2-copyDecember 21st  Sermon “Exchanging Gifts”


Set List for December 21, 2008

Song                              Author                        Recording


No Sweeter Name



Kari Jobe


“Kari Jobe”

Kari Jobe



I’ll Give My All



Doug & Cindy Mickan



Doug & Cindy Mickan


Angels We Have Heard On High



Edward Shippen Barnes
James Chadwick


Traditional Hymn


Hark the Herald Angels Sing



Charles Wesley
Felix Mendelssohn


Traditional Hymn


Let Us Adore



Reuben Morgan


“God He Reigns”



O Come All Ye Faithful



C. Frederick Oakeley
John Francis Wade


Traditional Hymn


All Because of Jesus


Steve Fee



“We Shine”



     In case you had not noticed, Christmas is almost here!  Our service this week has somewhat of a “Christmassy” flair to it as Bro. Todd will be talking about “Exchanging Gifts”. 

     Most of the Christmas songs we are doing are traditional hymns that you are more than likely familiar with.  There are a few exceptions this week.  We will open up with a song called “No Sweeter Name” which would not technically be classified as a Christmas song.  This song celebrates the name of Jesus, which to me seems more than appropriate for a Christmas service. 

     “I’ll Give My All” I think also goes well with our theme as we will be talking about the gifts we have to offer Christ and others. 

     “Let Us Adore” is a song that I like to flow together with “O Come All Ye Faithful”.  The theme is basically the same; adoration for Christ, which once again is so appropriate for a service around Christmas time.

      We’ll finish up with a song that is so familiar to us at Oasis that you’re probably sick of it (well I hope not at least)  Once again we are celebrating our Savior, and remembering that He came for each and every one of us.  So often around Christmas time we get so caught up in the event of Jesus coming, that we forget the reason WHY He came.  Let’s make a point this year to share that reason with someone we come in contact over the next couple of weeks. 

     Thanks for taking time to check out our blog, and investing time to prepare yourself better for worship on Sunday.  I look forward to seeing you all Sunday.


Bro. Doug


3 Responses to Getting Ready for Sunday, December 21

  1. Jessica Belote says:

    So you’re not singing “Glory in the Highest”???? I am so disappointed!

    Great job last night with the Tommy skit. The boys thought it was hysterical (and so did we!) Thanks.

  2. Paige Brumley says:

    I for one am NOT tired of All Because of Jesus. I love that song! I have to agree with Jessica you did a great job Sunday night. We loved it!

  3. Cindy Montgomery says:

    I love All Because of Jesus!!!! I am totally looking forward to being a part of the worship choir. I was in childrens worship the first Sunday of it, so I am excited about it. I also aplaud you on the skit last Sunday. I loved watching Emily and Sam light up with joy and laughter. You are truly talented!!!

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