Getting Ready for Sunday, January 25th

dont-travel-aloneJanuary 25th   Sermon “He Leads Us”

Have you noticed that life seems to be filled with decisions? Everyday, we have to decide something. At times, “what to” do can be overwhelming. Today, we will discover how God works to simplify the choices we all have to make in life.


Set List for January 25, 2009

Song               Author             Recording


The Highest and the Greatest



Nick Herbert
Tim Hughes


Holding Nothing Back

Tim Hughes




All Because of Jesus



Steve Fee


“We Shine”






Joel Houston


“For This Cause”



Today is the Day



Lincoln Brewster

Paul Baloche


“Today is the Day”

Lincoln Brewster


     You’re always afraid after having a big day like Friend Day that the next week would be somewhat of a let down.  If anything, I believe our time of worship together this week was even more exciting than the week before.  This week we continue our series “Don’t Travel Alone”.  This week Bro. Todd speaking on the topic, “He Leads Us”.  I know I’m thankful for that.  Thanks for taking the time to check out what is going to be happening on Sunday.  I’ll look forward to worshiping with you all on Sunday.


Bro. Doug



3 Responses to Getting Ready for Sunday, January 25th

  1. Jessica Belote says:

    I missed church so much yesterday! It is so sad when the kids are sick! I hope the other parents appreciated me keeping Ry home so he didn’t infect their kids, because I almost went anyway!

    Mike said that the service was wonderful and very full! Praise God!

  2. paiged1 says:

    I will say that sometimes i just get so excited i want to start jumping. I love our church and what God is doing. He is such a BIG God!

    We missed you Jessica!!

  3. Kevin Hoggard says:

    What an awesome service! Our church is the greatest. I love our church family, our staff, and our most wonderful Lord. Judy and I are so excited to be a part of Oasis. Thank you all for loving us and supporting us as family. I can’t wait until this week. Get fired up for the Lord!

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