Getting Ready for Sunday, February 22nd

the-quest-for-changeFebruary 22nd  Sermon “Seeing the Need For Change”

We live in a culture where many people have settled for a lesser life than God had planned for them.  As we study the Bible, we discover that God wants us to have life and have it more abundantly.  Today, you will be challenged to expect more from life and to reach out for something more than your present experience in life.


Set List for February 22, 2009

Song               Author          Recording


All Because of Jesus



Steve Fee


“We Shine”




You Are Holy (Prince of Peace)



Mark Imboden

Tammi Rhoton


“Worship Again”

Michael W. Smith


Holy, Holy, Holy



Gary Oliver


“High Praises Volume 1”

Carman Ministries





Chris Tomlin


“The Noise We Make”

Chris Tomlin


Today is the Day



Lincoln Brewstor

Paul Baloche


“Today is the Day”

Lincoln Brewster


     We begin a new series this Sunday entitled “The Quest for Change: The Journey of Lazarus”.  I must admit that change is not an easy thing for me, but it’s something that is necessary in our lives.  Our sermon this week deals with seeing the need for change.  Let’s face it, when we look at our Savior and compare His life to ours, it is easy to see that things need to change.  Our music today deals with the Holiness and faithfulness of our God.  So often I’m the opposite of those two things, and the world around me seems to encourage it.  But it should be a daily goal in my life to want to change, and be more like Christ.  This week as you listen to the songs by clicking the links in the chart above, take time to think about what needs to change in your life to be more pleasing to the Creator.  I look forward to worshiping with you on Sunday.


Bro. Doug


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