Getting Ready for Sunday, March 8th.

the-quest-for-changeMarch 8th  Sermon “Creating An Environment For Change”


Set List for March 8, 2009

Song                 Author         Recording


Speak To My Heart



Doug & Cindy Mickan






I Give You My Heart



Reuben Morgan


“Songs 4 Worship”



Marvelous Light



Charlie Hall


“Flying Into Daybreak”

Charlie Hall


When I Think About the Lord



James Huey


“Carry Away”

Shane & Shane


     This week we continue our series “The Quest for Change” which so far has been great.  Have you started putting some things into practice because of this series?  This week Bro. Todd will be talking about “Creating An Environment for Change”.  

     The songs “Speak To My Heart”, and “I Give You My Heart” are songs of surrender as we are asking God to take what we are and make it into what He wants us to be.  You see we have to make the move to surrender to God before He will make the changes in our heart and life.  Our God is powerful enough to make whatever changes He wants, but gives us the choice whether we will follow Him or not. 

   “Marvelous Light” talks about the change in our lives as we come out of darkness and into the Marvelous Light that Christ has to offer.  Once again, we are making the move toward Christ, and He does the changing.  Finally, we will celebrate the change that God has already made in our lives as we sing the song “When I Think About the Lord”. 

    I’m really looking forward to this service, and am excited to hear what God will have for us on that day.  Take time to listen to the songs by clicking the links provided above, and let’s really come prepared to worship our God and King.  See you Sunday!


Bro. Doug


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