Getting Ready for Sunday, March 15th GRAND OPENING

the-quest-for-changeMarch 15th  Sermon “Identifying What Needs To Change”


Set List for March 15, 2009

Song                Author           Recording


Let Everything That Has Breath



Matt Redman


“Songs From Passion”




Our Love Is Loud



David Crowder


“Can You Hear Us”

David Crowder Band


Come Magnify the Lord



Doug & Cindy Mickan





There Is None Like You



Lenny LeBlanc


“Celebrate Jesus”

Alleluia Music


Speak To My Heart



Doug & Cindy Mickan








Todd Fields



Todd Fields


Victory In Jesus



Eugene Bartlett


Traditional Hymn



When I Think About the Lord



James Huey


“Carry Away”

Shane & Shane


     It’s GRAND OPENING Sunday at our church, and we are really excited.  Our goal for this exciting day is to see a total attendance of 400 which would blow away our record high attendance.  If every person that attends on Sunday would bring one person with them, we would exceed this goal.  Can you imagine if we all brought more than one?  I know that I have several people that I’m working on for Sunday, and pray that you are as well.

    We are continuing our series “The Quest For Change” which so far has been an outstanding series.  This week, Bro. Todd will be focusing on “Identifying What Needs To Change”.  Our music this week pretty much deals with our worship to God, and why He is worthy of our praise.  We’ll finish this service with a time of celebration as we sing songs like “Free”, and “When I Think About the Lord”.  This week, think about the changes God has already made in your life, and celebrate!  Also, let’s pray that God would show us other changes that need to be made in our life to glorify Him.  I look forward to worshiping with you Sunday.


Bro. Doug


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