Getting Ready for Sunday, March 22nd

the-quest-for-change1March 22nd   Sermon “Letting Others Help You Change”


Set List for March 22, 2009

Song                 Author           Recording


Children Of God



Steven Curtis Chapman


“This Moment”

Steven Curtis Chapman



Here Is Our King



David Crowder


“A Collision”

David Crowder Band


Sing Sing Sing


Chris Tomlin
Daniel Carson
Jesse Reeves
Matt Gilder
Travis Nunn


“Hello Love”

Chris Tomlin




     What an awesome Sunday!  Thanks for making it a great day as we celebrated our Grand Opening.  This week we continue our series “The Quest For Change” with the sermon “Letting Others Help You Change”.  Sometimes God sends people into our lives to help us change, becoming more like the person He wants us to be.  The question is, will we allow others into our lives for God to work through them?

     This week our music is simply praise to our King, and celebrating that we belong to Him.  To kind of tie in the theme this week, I will be allowing a few people to help me change a bit.  Josh Pickard and AJ McKeown; who have become a little more familiar to us on the stage, will be helping me lead out on a lot of the music.  I’m really excited to have these two guys as part of our team, and really look forward to worshiping with them….and you on Sunday.  Be sure to check out the music by clicking the links in the chart above.  Keep in mind that the videos that are provide on the links are not really the focus, it’s basically the song I want you to hear.  For example, “Children of God” is a slide show of a youth group from a church in Galion (not sure what state).  Just didn’t want you to be watching the video and thinking, “who are these people?”.  Thanks for taking the time to check out what will be a happening on Sunday.  See you then!


Bro. Doug


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