Getting Ready for Sunday, April 19th

leaving-your-mark-on-lifeSermon for Sunday April 19th, 2009


“Where Do I Sign?”

I believe most of us want to leave our mark on life, but sometimes knowing why God created us and what we should be doing seems complicated. Today, as we examine the life of Caleb, we will help you discover a simple way to know where God wants you to leave your mark on life.  

Set List for April 19th, 2009

Song                Author             Recording


Today is the Day



Lincoln Brewster

Paul Baloche


“Today is the Day”

Lincoln Brewster






Joel Houston


“For This Cause”



Famous One


Chris Tomlin

Jesse Reeves


“Not To Us”

Chris Tomlin



Glorious One



Steve Fee


“We Shine”





Without You



Doug & Cindy Mickan





Not To Us



Chris Tomlin

Jesse Reeves


“Not To Us”

Chris Tomlin



     Wow, what a service we had yesterday for Easter.  Special Thanks to all the Worship Team members who served yesterday.  As a worship leader, preparing for a service like yesterday with so many different pieces tends to cause a little stress.  I was so proud of the way everyone on the team did their job, and did it well.  A special thanks to David Fly and Lance Gipson for all the hard work on getting the sound ready for us Sunday.  These guys spent a lot of extra hours through the week making what we did yesterday possible.  Thanks guys.

    Alright, moving on from yesterday.  This Sunday we begin a new series entitled “Leaving Your Mark”.  It’s a series on the life of Caleb.  Caleb is not one of those guys who gets a lot of press, but his story is one of faithfulness and courage.  We can learn from his life, how we can better live ours. 

    We begin this week with “Today is the Day” and “Everyday” which to me are songs of commitment.  Both songs are making a statement to a decision to follow and worship Christ every day.  It’s not a one time decision; we have to make it every day…..most of the time many times during the course of a day. 

     The songs “Famous One”, and “Glorious One” are simply songs of praise and adoration as we proclaim who our God is.  He is the one whom we have decided to follow, and we want the world to know Him.

     “Without You” is a song of reflection as we are reminded that without our Savior, we are nothing.  The very breath we take is given to us by God, and without Him, we couldn’t do a thing.

     We will finish the services with the song “Not To Us” which gives us the opportunity to claim that everything we do is for Christ.  To HIS name be the glory, because without Him we are nothing. 

     Thanks for taking time this week to check out what we will be doing on Sunday.  I truly believe that as you prepare this week by listening to the music in the chart above, that God will open your heart for special blessings as we come together for our corporate time of worship Sunday.  I’ll look forward to worshiping with you Sunday


Bro. Doug


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