Getting Ready for Sunday, May 3rd

leaving-your-mark-on-lifeSermon for Sunday May 3rd , 2009


“Signing On With Others”


All through the Bible, we are taught to play with a team to accomplish great things for God. Wherever God wants you to leave your mark, he will have others there to help you accomplish the goal. Today, we will see that Caleb signed on with others to accomplish God’s purpose.


Set List for May 3rd , 2009


Song               Author              Recording


Jesus Saves



Priscilla J. Owens
William James Kirkpatrick


Traditional Hymn



Jesus Saves



Tim Hughes

Nick Herbert


“Happy Day Live Worship”

Tim Hughes


Come Magnify the Lord


Doug & Cindy Mickan






You’re Worthy of My Praise



David Ruis


“Let the Winds Blow”

David Ruis






Matt Redman


“Beautiful News”

Matt Redman


Children of God



Steven Curtis Chapman


“This Moment”

Steven Curtis Chapman



     This has been a great series so far, and I expect it to get even better as we go.  Sometimes our music goes directly with what the sermon is about.  This week proved to be a little difficult to follow that trend.  I don’t really know how to always explain what I do, but often it seems God places songs in my head, and will not let me get away from them.  This week there are several of those songs.  Without trying to sound too “churchy”, it seems these are the songs God wants to hear us sing this week.   So let’s do it with all of our heart! 

     We will begin with the traditional version of “Jesus Saves” followed by a brand new song by the same title.  So brand new in fact that I can’t even get my hands on the CD for some reason.  You can listen to it on youtube though by clicking the link in the chart above.

     “Come Magnify The Lord” has hopefully become a little more familiar through the past couple of months.  I hope this doesn’t sound conceited, but I really like this song.  I love the way we can shout out the chorus as we proclaim some things about our awesome God.   “You’re Worthy of My Praise” continues the theme of worship as we proclaim that He alone is worthy of our praise.

     We will finish up with the song “Shine” which I think does fit loosely with our theme in the fact that we are singing collectively.  “WE will shine like stars in the universe……Jesus WE’LL be living for Your glory”.  To proclaim as a group of people that we will live for God’s glory is an awesome thing. 

      Our closing song on Sunday will be “Children of God” which is by my all time favorite Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman.  I love being reminded that I am a child of God.  He calls me a son, and he loves to hear His children sing His praises.  Let’s rock it out as we leave the service on Sunday.

      Thanks as always for checking out the blog, and preparing yourself for our time of worship together on Sunday.  This week will be even more special for me as my brother will be here, and playing a part in the service.  I really look forward to worshipping with you Sunday.


Bro. Doug


One Response to Getting Ready for Sunday, May 3rd

  1. Jessica Belote says:

    Amazing song service Sunday! I was so blessed — especially singing “Holy Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty”. It really felt like we were standing in His presence!

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