Getting Ready for Sunday, May 31st

Set List For Sunday, May 31, 2009

 Song                                         Author                                Recording

 Enough  Chris TomlinLouie Giglio  “Our Love Is Loud”Passion
 So High   Barry & Michelle Patterson  “So High”Barry & Michelle Patterson
 Open The Eyes of My Heart  Paul Baloche  “Because We Believe”Hosanna! Music 
 Rescue   Jared Anderson  “Desperation”Vertical Music 
 I Saw the Light   Hank Williams   “A Collision”David Crowder Band


     What a great day we had together Sunday.  I thought the kids did an excellent job for their surprise appearance during the music portion of the service Sunday.  This week Josh Pickard will be leading us in worship.  Josh is a very talented musician, and has really been seeking God as he planned this service.  Being on stage here at Oasis can be a little stressful as you have a couple hundred people pretty much right on top of you….especially when it’s your first time leading out on an entire service.  Be in prayer for Josh, and help support him this week by lifting your voices as we sing together for our King.  I look forward to worshipping with you Sunday (This time from the congregation)  See you then.


Bro. Doug


One Response to Getting Ready for Sunday, May 31st

  1. Jessica Belote says:

    Josh did such a good job! What a blessing to have so many talented musicians in our church!

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