Getting Ready for Sunday, August 30, 2009

living beyond myself logo webAugust 30, Sermon “What, Me A Priest?”

Today, we will discover that the Church should be a congregation full of priests (I Peter 2:9), who are equipped by leaders, teachers, and pastors to carry out ministry and thus become the core volunteer base of a church. Imagine for a minute the impact that could be made if Churches across the globe rallied around this format for ministry, where every Christ-follower is out on the playing field doing the work of the local church.


Set List for August 30, 2008


Song                        Author                        Recording


Lord Reign In Me


Brenton Brown



“Everlasting God”

Brenton Brown





Joel Houston




Hillsong United



What an awesome day at Oasis yesterday!  Great job Mary Ann & the rest of the team for leading us in worship.  We continue our series “Living Beyond Myself” this Sunday, and are talking about the role of every church member in the church.  If we could grasp the concept that we all have an important role to fill at the church, and follow through with it, we would see a major transformation at Oasis.  Really take time to pray that God would open your eyes this week to what He would have you to do.  Also take time to listen to the music in the chart above, and better prepare yourself for a great time of worship on Sunday.  I look forward to seeing you then.



Bro. Doug


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