About The Blog

In Spirit and In Truth is the new staff blog of the Oasis Church of central Arkansas. While our church website (http://www.insideoasis.com) is designed primarily to reach visitors, the staff at Oasis also sees a real need to help our members and regular attendees to prepare for worship.

We believe that true worship occurs throughout the week–not just on Sunday. So this blog will be updated frequently in order to help our members prepare for Sunday’s worship every single day of the week. Expect to see short devotionals, information about upcoming community group studies, videos of new songs (to help you learn them before Sunday), and audio clips of the songs we will sing each week.

 Maybe if God really works a miracle, we’ll even be able to teach Brother Todd to post once in a while!


3 Responses to About The Blog

  1. Brenda word says:

    I love the song ‘The Least I Can Do’ so much!! I am not surprised at all that you ended up going with what God placed on your heart and including it in the songs for Easter Sunday. It is an amazing song with a wonderful message. God bless you for all the thought and preparation you do for each Sunday’s services, Doug.
    Also, this blog is super!! I really do like being able to know ahead of time what’s going to be happening sermon-wise & songs.
    God bless Oasis and all our hard working, faithful brothers & sisters!

  2. Trish says:

    Great Music Last Sunday, Great Sermon! Just Great great great….so excited about the future of Oasis!!!

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